Oscar D’Leon concert at Hard Rock Live in Santo Domingo

Venezuelan salsa singer Oscar D’Leon is booked for a concert at the Hard Rock Live in Blue Mall. The concert will be on Friday, 15 January 2019. The also talented sonero and accomplished bass player, promises to perform his best hits, including “Lloraras,” “Ven morena,” “El manicero,” “Sonero,” “Yo quisiera,” among others. 23 January 2019

Dominicana’s Got Talent coming in September 2019

Auditions for the reality show Dominicana’s Got Talent begin this month in the National District. The show seeks to discover hidden talents in musicians, singers, actors, magicians among other performers. The local version of the leading international reality is conducted by Nashla Bogaert, and the producers are her husband David Maler and Gilberto Morillo and […]

Cerantra was not in operation when tragedy struck

Patricio Veras, the owner of the Cerantra oil recycling plant in West Santo Domingo near Los Alcarrizos said the company was not in operation when an explosion caused the death of four men on 15 January 2019. Judge Francisco Contreras is leading the investigations. On Tuesday, 22 January 2019, Patricio Veras was interrogated by members […]

Drug dealers assets confiscated

The Public Prosecution Agency has confiscated several kilos of drugs, different assets and firearms from Robinson Olivares Núñez (el Compa) along with others accused of being in a supposed network of drug dealers that was operating in the National District and Santo Domingo province. Those accused along with El Compa, are Ramón Domingo Hurtado Camilo, […]

Deported Colombian drug lord was living in Punta Cana

32-year old Colombian drug lord Julián Alberto Jiménez Monsalve (Machete) captured on Saturday, 19 January 2019, by Dominican authorities was living in a luxurious mansion in Punta Cana, posing as a prosperous Venezuelan cattle rancher. The head of the Grupo Delincuencial Organizado Robledo of Medellín was deported to Colombia on the same day he was […]

Sweeping changes at the DNCD

The new president of the National Drug Control Agency (DNCD), Vice Admiral Félix Alburquerque Comprés has ordered changes across the agency including in central departments, regional offices, as well as the ports and airports around the country. In addition, he has ordered that all of the Army, Armada and Air Force agents who were working […]