Most outstanding in show business

According to El Siglo, the ten most outstanding Dominican show business people in 1998 were: José Antonio Molina, orchestra director who in 1998 conducted the concert of Luciano Pavarotti and his friends in Modena, Italy, and did important piano arrangements for Raúl Di Blasio and Cheo Feliciano. Milly Quezada, merengue singer and band director, who […]

Moline and Redondo sent back to Najayo

Juan Manuel Moliné Rodríguez and Mario José Redondo Llenas, the two upper middle class university students sentenced to 30 years for the assassination of 12 year old José Rafael Llenas were transferred back to the Najayo jail from the La Victoria penitentiary. The inmates had been sent to La Victoria after negative public opinion reaction […]

University of Cornell helps improve Dominican forests

The today director of the Department of Forests, Radhamés Lora Salcedo realized a lifetime dream, and this week received the visit of his alma mater University of Cornell forestry experts that visited on occasion of the formal start of operation of the Center for Bioclimatic and Genetic Studies of the Pinus Occidentalis. The Pinus Occidentalis […]