Water rationing continues in Cibao

Photo: Diario Libre

The Santiago Water and Sewer Corporation (Coraasan) reports that it will continue rationing water throughout its system, as long as the drought continues in the region. Dario Fernandez, the water company spokesman, pointed out that waters levels at the Tavera Dam have continued dropping. The latest numbers showed that the level went from 317.45 to 317.30 meters, and, according to Fernandez, this will cause serious problems for families served by Corasaan.

At the present time, the entity is processing 107 million gallons a day, but the demand is for 124 million gallons, thus causing the need to ration water. In another area, the town of Tamboril had its water supply re-opened after Coraasan managed to install a new pump to supply the city.

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11 February 2019

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