Cyclotron installed to treat cancer in Santo Domingo

Photo: El Nacional

The Nuclear Agency of the National Energy Commission under the Ministry of Energy has licensed Ciclolab Dominicana to produce, distribute and market a radiopharmaceutical to be used in PET-CT diagnostics and follow up treatments for cancer.

Grupo CDD, a pioneer in Latin America in the installation of FDG production centers, is taking the initiative to install a cyclotron in Santo Domingo to meet the national demand for this radiopharmaceutical.

A press release explains that this new cyclotron the CDD Group is positioned as the largest producer of FDG in the region serving the demands of Venezuela, Colombia and the Dominican Republic. Cyclotrons can be used in particle therapy to treat cancer. Ion beams from cyclotrons can be used, as in proton therapy, to penetrate the body and kill tumors by radiation, while minimizing damage to healthy tissue along their path.

The CDD Group, led by Dr. Wilson Mourad, has more than 10 years of presence in the local market, with an impeccable career under its brands CDD Radioterapia, CDD Images and Clínica Abreu.

It is reported that Grupo CDD also installed a PET-CT Discovery IQ of the General Electric Healthcare Division at Clínica Abreu, for which permits are being processed and expected to be in operation in January 2019.

The CDD Group says that Dr. Bayohan Durán, a nuclear specialist from the Hospital Oncológico Docente Fundación Arturo López Pérez (FALP), in Chile, and the Hospital Universitario Vall d’Hebron Barcelona, Spain.

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El Nacional

10 January 2019

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