Chaman Chacra admits he killed his spouse and her three children

Victor Alexander Portorreal Mendoza (Chamán Chacra) / El Dia

On 9 January 2019, the First Colegiate Court of the National District sentenced Victor Alexander Portorreal Mendoza (Chamán Chacra) to 30 years in jail. The First Collegiate Court of the National District was presided by Judge Gisell Pérez Méndez.

Portorreal was accused of the murder of his spouse and incestuous rape of her three children and had pleaded guilty and asked the court for a pardon. The Prosecutor’s Office of the National District had accused Víctor Alexander Portorreal Mendoza, “Chamán Chacra”, of killing his spouse, Reyna Isabel Encarnación, and his three stepchildren, in February 2018. The prosecutors had requested the maximum 30 years sentence for Portorreal.

At the hearing, prosecutors Maria Cristina Benitez and Juan Alberto Liranzo, argued that the motive for the crime was that the accused feared that his partner would reveal that he had raped two of his stepdaughters, ages 6 and 10. During the court hearing opening, his former mother-in-law, Brígida Morales said that what triggered the tragedy was that Chamán fell in love with the six-year-old girl. “He nicknamed the girl, ‘my little girl.’ “Once I took her to the house and he went and looked for her. I did not trust that man and I always told my daughter to be careful,” she said.

According to the indictment, as a result of the investigation, it was determined that the two girls were raped by the accused before being murdered on 4 February 2018, in the family residence, located in the Enriquillo sector, kilometer 8 of the Carretera Sanchez.

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10 January 2019

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