A chronicle of a death foretold!

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Senator for Peravia Wilton Guerrero had warned in June 2018 of the many drug sales points in Baní, and of the negligence of the National Police. The reality is back in the news after a Police colonel was murdered by a suspect drug dealer when confronting the latter at his sales point. Guerrero had warned that the dealers were frequently armed with assault weapons, such as AK-47s. At the time, he said that the drug dealers paid bribes to authorities to operate freely.

“The authorities know who the criminals are, but these drug dealers are not touched because they offer bribes and thus are protected by National Police agents in this city,” Guerrero had told the press in June.

Marino Vinicio Castillo (Vincho), a lawyer and politician who had advised the Executive Branch on drug matters had estimated last year there are around 40,000 drug points nationwide. He estimated at 300,000 the number of youths who are drug addicts.

On Tuesday, 8 January 2019, 68-year old Police Colonel Daniel Ramos Alvarez, who served as commander of preventive police in the province of Peravia, was killed by suspected drug dealers. A lead suspect is identified as Rafael Antonio Diaz (Buche), who turned himself in. El Dia reports that Buche had been deported from the United States in the 90s after serving 10 years in jail for drug trafficking. He had been detained by the Police in September 2018, but was released in December.

Spokesman for the Police announced on Wednesday, 9 January 2019 the arrest in La Cienaga, National District of Estiben Milcíades Ruíz González (Quiquito). The Police say they are on the trail in the case of suspects.

Juan Manuel Mejía Martínez (Chen), Julio Ernesto Matos Martínez (Gustavo) and others identified as “El Karateca”, “Paco”, “Yegui” and “Yeguito de Pueblo Nuevo”.

The Police say they have seized a Glock pistol that after being analyzed matched the bullet shells found at the murder site.

Hoy reports that witnesses say that Ramos Alvarez was left on his own in the intelligence operation in the Barrio Santa Cruz in Baní, leaving him vulnerable to be shot at by two drug dealers. As reported, he attempted to take a photo of the drug vending operation with his cell phone. The neighbors say they transported the colonel to the hospital after he was shot.

The neighbors say that the town people and the authorities knew that the drug point operated freely from the location at Calle Padre Lorenzo in Santa Cruz. The incidents of the murder and the abandoning of the Police colonel at the scene by other agents is captured in a video, as reported in El Dia.

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10 January 2019

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