Release of x-rays could have consequences

Photo: Diario Libre

The release of x-rays to social media could have dire consequences for the medical personnel as well as the Francisco Mocoso Puello Public Hospital. The x-ray showed a can of Glade air refreshener inserted into the rectum of an unnamed individual. As reported, the release of such private information, in the opinion of medical and legal experts, could have serious consequences for the people and the institution involved.

What is known is that a 40-year old male requested his wife to put the can up his bottom, while they were having sex. As reported, it reportedly took doctors around two hours to remove the spray can. The name of the person has not been released.

Well-known lawyer Julio Cury told reporters that Article 44 of the Dominican Constitution calls for “observing the right to honor, a good name and a proper image. And that all authorities or individuals that violate these rights are obliged to pay damages according to the Law.”

According to Cury, the patient in question has every right to proceed in civil court in order to be compensated for damages and prejudices incurred according to Article 1382 of the Civil Code.

Lawyer Enmanuel Rosario said that it is a shame that these cases occur, and he called the incident a serious violation of patient’s rights. He said that every person has the right to intimacy and that in this case there was a serious violation of that right, since not only is it a violation of the Constitution but also a violation of the Public Health Law.

While the victim was unnamed, the x-ray was uploaded to the Internet and the weird emergency surgery event has made global news.

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7 January 2019

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