Weekend rains

The National Weather Office (Onamet) forecasts rains for the weekend. Onamet says starting Sunday, the weather will improve. The Center for Emergency Operations (COE) is alerting that floods could continue. The population is alerted to avoid crossing rivers. Onamet says the rains will affect practically all over the country, but especially the northwest, southwest, north, […]

FIFA president Gianni Infantino visits football fields in Dominican Republic

The president of the International Football Federation (FIFA), Gianni Infantino is in the Dominican Republic arriving on 9am on Friday, 28 April 2017 for a day-long visit. The stopover is part of his American tour. During his stay he will visit different football installations and make recommendations. Osiris Guzman, president of the Dominican Football Federation […]

Police accuses employee for Kentucky Fried Chicken robbery

The National Police arrested Kentucky Fried Chicken employee, 29-year Leidy Yarisbel Pichardo and is accusing her of having masterminded the April 2017 robbery at a fast food store in Santo Domingo. Her accomplices are identified as brothers 37-year old Ezequiel and 30 year old Enmanuel de la Cruz Tejeda, and 20-year old Luis Manuel Hernández […]

Pastor accused of sexual aggression in Puerto Plata

A pastor, identified as Melvin David Quiroz, is accused of sexual aggression against several women in Puerto Plata. The women had consented to have sex with him after he convinced them his “semen had curative properties.” The Puerto Plata prosecutor said that the pastor has been remanded to three months of preventive custody while investigations […]

Piccini says PEPCA is covering up list of names in Embraer bribery case

The lawyer of Carlos Piccini, in preventive custody in the Embraer corruption case, said on Thursday, 27 April 2017, that the Anti Administrative Corruption Prosecution Agency (PEPCA) is covering up the names of the persons who received the US$3.5 million bribes to ensure the approval and purchase of the eight Super Tucano aircraft. Piccini is […]

Yimi Zapata wins UASD student council presidency

With 38% of the vote, Yimi Zapata, was chosen president of the Federación de Estudiantes Dominicanos (FED) during the student council election at the UASD state university. The election had been suspended on 24 March 2017, when violence erupted leading the death of Daniel Castillo. With 800 votes pending to be counted, Enerio Rodríguez, president […]

Pro Consumidor is wrong: Take out 10% is in

An editorial in Diario Libre yesterday corrects ProConsumidor, the governmental protection agency, that recently ordered Kentucky Fried Chicken to return to a customer the 10% gratuity charged on a take out order. Diario Libre says that the Supreme Court of Justice had already decided in 2007 on the case of employees who sued a business […]

ECLAC shows strong economic growth in the Dominican Republic

The most recent report from the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC) reveals that in 2017, the Dominican Republic will grow at an above average rate of 6.2%. Overall, the countries of Central America and the Dominican Republic (the CARD region) will experience an average growth rate of 4.5%. This compares to […]