Dominican wins Latin Grammy Award

Chichi Peralta won a Latin Grammy Award yesterday for Best Merengue Album. His second CD, De Vuelta al Barrio, followed up on his very successful first CD, Pa’ Otro La’o (Caïmán Records America Inc.) For his biography, see or the record company’s page at Three Dominican performers were nominated in the Second Latin […]

Government shuffle explained

El Siglo newspaper explains today the reasons behind the shuffling of key Mejía administration officers. The newspaper says the transfers of Rafael Suberví Bonilla (former Minister of Interior & Police to Minister of Tourism), Pedro Franco Badía (from Administrative Secretary of the Presidency to Minister of Interior and Police) and Ramon Alfredo Bordas (from Minister […]

Superintendent on continued blackouts

The Superintendent of Electricity Jose Ovalles has justified the long blackouts that continue to affect Dominicans by saying the distributor companies have not resolved their cashflow problems. He said the blackouts affect primarily the barrios where most of the residents do not pay for the service. This practice had been outlawed by the government. According […]

RD$300 a month welfare program started

President Hipolito Mejía and Vice President Milagros Ortiz Bosch announced the start of the RD$300 monthly subsidy for parents with children in public schools. The program was announced earlier this year as part of the government’s social compensation program after it increased taxes in January. The program will start with 20,070 children and is expected […]