Taking the former President to court

Former President Leonel Fernandez is accused of defrauding the state of RD$35,000 million in connection with the privatization of the Dominican Electricity Corporation. A group of private citizens presented the case to First Instance Court of Judge Enrique Marchena. Also accused of fraud are Antonio Isa Conde, former president of the Commission to Reform Public […]

Social Security, an unbearable burden for the next government?

The director of the Economy Department of the Pontificia Universidad Catolica madre y Maestra (PUCMM), Father Jose Luis Aleman, said the social security bill will bring major problems for the government. He said the government will have to make a contribution to the pension plan of 7.5% of each employee’s salary. He said the next […]

Industry & Commerce vs. Foreign Relations

El Siglo newspaper reports on another conflict between a government department and the very active Minister of Industry and Commerce. Santiago Tejada, who is in charge of trade negotiations at the Ministry of Foreign relations, reportedly criticized Angel Lockward’s handling of DR negotiations on the Free Trade Agreement of the Americas. The Mejia government gave […]

Lockward vs. Ovalles over electricity plan

The Dominican Resistance Memorial Museum is exhibiting a selection of restored clothing sewn and worn by the Mirabal sisters who were slain in 1960 at the orders of Dominican dictator Rafael Leonidas Trujillo. The exhibition of the “The Mirabal Sisters Textile Collection” seeks to give people a closer, more human look at the heroines, who […]

Mayor moves his offices following power struggle

Mayor Johnny Ventura abandoned the Santo Domingo municipal headquarters last Thursday and moved his offices to the Palacio Consistorial in front of Columbus Park. Hoy newspaper says he did so because of a conflict with Waldys Taveras, who is the coordinator of PRD aldermen at the municipality. According to the newspaper, Ventura’s row with Taveras […]