Ball players versus merengue band leaders

The Manny Mota Golf Celebrity Classic starts today, Thursday, 30 November at 7 pm at the Quisqueya Ballpark. A benefit for social programs carried out by the Manny Mota Foundation, the event features a softball game and a salsa concert. The announced participants this year are: Vladimir Guerrero, Juan Marichal, José Canseco, Preston Wilson, Deivi […]

Newmont shows interest in Dominican gold mine

Newmont Mining Corporation, the largest gold producer in North America and second largest in the world, announced its interest in participating in the tender for the Rosario Pueblo Viejo mine. Newmont has gold producing assets in the United States, Mexico, Peru, Uzbekistan and Indonesia. Gerald Ellis, a former director of Mining, represents the company in […]

Mejía accepts some cuts on proposed tax increase

President Hipólito Mejía agreed to reduce the advance payment on taxes on sales to 1.5%, down from a proposed 2%. He also would agree to cut the proposed tax increases on vehicle sales, cigarettes and alcoholic beverages. Mejía made the announcement to the press shortly before leaving for Mexico yesterday to attend the inauguration of […]

Government supports proposal for new Samana airport

The Dominican Resistance Memorial Museum is exhibiting a selection of restored clothing sewn and worn by the Mirabal sisters who were slain in 1960 at the orders of Dominican dictator Rafael Leonidas Trujillo. The exhibition of the “The Mirabal Sisters Textile Collection” seeks to give people a closer, more human look at the heroines, who […]