Hipólito Mejía says he will revamp diplomatic corps

President-elect Hipólito Mejía said he will carry out a complete restructuring of the diplomatic corps. He criticized that Dominican diplomats had not contributed to an increase investment to the DR. "Nothing has been exported here. I have traveled to all countries and I have not seen the case of one good diplomat," he told El […]

PRD government to increase municipal funding

President-elect Hipólito Mejía announced that his government will increase city government allotments to 10% of the national budget. 94 of 115 city governments are managed by the PRD, which will rule the Executive Branch and the Legislative Branch as of 16 August 2000. Mejía told El Siglo that he would gradually increase the allotment. He […]

Advance appointments to face public scrutiny

Hoy newspaper second page columnist observes today that by appointing his cabinet ministers almost three months in advance, President-elect Hipólito Mejía is placing these before public scrutiny. This is a first time that a President-elect announces members of his cabinet in advance. Regarding, the newspaper’s much read column reads: "it is a way so that […]