Parties get three days to remove illegally placed propaganda

Mayor of Santo Domingo and the District attorney agreed to give a period of three days for politicians to remove propaganda placed on city streets in violation of Ruling 46-99 on external advertising. Mayor Johnny Ventura and District Attorney Francisco Domínguez Brito warned the parties that at the end of those three days they would […]

Balaguer's not the enemy, yet, says Raful

The Listín Diario reports that Tony Raful, acting president of the PRD says that former President Joaquin Balaguer is not capable of confronting the changes the country needs. He said that the Reformista Party leader does not represent an electoral threat to for his organization. Nevertheless, he said if Balaguer were to become an electoral […]

President Fernández campaigns for Danilo

President Leonel Fernández, on the campaign trail for his political party’s candidate, urged Dominican voters to avoid converting the 21st century into a "scenario of comics" by voting for PLD candidate, Danilo Medina. He was referring to the spontaneous and many times comic expressions that are part of the way of speaking of PRD presidential […]

Supreme Court computerizes judicial information

Supreme Court announced that it has advanced on the installation of its computerized information system. The new system, known in Spanish as, "Gestión de Expedientes" and TeleSuprema makes it possible to find out the status of a case in the Dominican judiciary system. For more information, see the Supreme Court web site at

Anachronism in Haiti = illegal migration and drug trafficking

Secretary general of the PLD, Jose Tomas Perez alerted that authorities need to redouble the surveillance of the fronter because of the new wave of politically-inspired violence in Haiti. He also urged that the international community support efforts of those in Haiti that want to hold the congressional election. Sectors partial and against former President […]

The Puerto Plata cablecar is back into operation

The Dominican Resistance Memorial Museum is exhibiting a selection of restored clothing sewn and worn by the Mirabal sisters who were slain in 1960 at the orders of Dominican dictator Rafael Leonidas Trujillo. The exhibition of the “The Mirabal Sisters Textile Collection” seeks to give people a closer, more human look at the heroines, who […]

Central Bank governor urges foreign investors to bet on DR

Speaking at the Annual Meeting of the Interamerican Development Bank, Central Bank governor Hector Valdez Albizu extolled the advantages of the Dominican economy for foreign investment. "Let us be partners in a feasible joint project in which you can trust. You can bet on the future of the DR," he said. He explained that while […]