The Caribbean World Series opens 2 February

The Dominican Resistance Memorial Museum is exhibiting a selection of restored clothing sewn and worn by the Mirabal sisters who were slain in 1960 at the orders of Dominican dictator Rafael Leonidas Trujillo. The exhibition of the “The Mirabal Sisters Textile Collection” seeks to give people a closer, more human look at the heroines, who […]

Web site promises to deliver for St. Valentine's Day

A new online store is making it possible for persons living abroad to send appliances, food items and even flowers to persons they care for in the DR. This is coming in especially handle with St. Valentine’s Day coming up. The online store, will be promoted regularly on to daily news subscribers and […]

US non-profit medical organization to operate on 50 children

Heart Care International, a non-profit US medical organization, will be sending 98 physicians and staff to the DR to operate on needy children. The physicians use their vacation time to contribute to the needy of other countries. The organization will also be teaching local physicians to perform the operations. HCI physicians will be back next […]

Dominican aspires to be Secretary Adjunct of OAS

Dominican Luís Hernández Sánchez has presented his candidacy for the adjunct secretary position at the Organization of American States. Panamanian ambassador Lawrence Chewining Fabrega also aspires to the post. Hernández Sánchez is a career diplomat with many years in the United Nations. He has not worked in the OAS.

Government denies having advanced RD$513 million for Northwest Aqueduct

Temístocles Montás, Technical Secretary of the Presidency, denied that the government has paid a RD$513 million advance towards the construction of the Northwest Aqueduct. He made the statement in response to an inquiry repeatedly made by president of the Senate, Ramón Alburquerque. Visibly mad, when asked about the matter of journalists, he said that Alburquerque […]