The Chicago Cubs and Sammy Sosa make it to playoffs

Dominicans throughout the nation celebrated yesterday when Sammy Sosa accomplished his goal — to lead the Chicago Cubs to the Major League playoffs. The Cubs survived a San Francisco Giants’ rally and defeated these 5-3 in their home Wrigley Field in the wild-card tiebreaker. They will face Atlanta in the series that begins Wednesday in […]

Privatization of electricity utility postponed

The director of the CDE announced that the privatization process of the state electricity utility will be postponed until the transmission lines and the national energy service is back at levels prior to the hurricane. Eng. Radhames Segura made the announcement. The restoration of the electricity service throughout the nation is a priority of the […]

Foreign aid

The government appointed committee in charge of receiving and distribution international aid is headed by the Technical Secretary of the Presidency, Juan Temístocles Montás. Other members of the committee are Eduardo Latorre, Minister of Foreign Relations and the Dominican coordinator of the European Union Lomé funds, Max Puig. Other members are Simón Lizardo, Administrative Secretary […]

Government announces RD$3,500 reconstruction fund

In a speech to the nation last night, President Leonel Fernandez announced a RD$3,500 million national reconstruction fund. The President said that the national priorities are the re-establishment of electricity and potable water services, maintaining appropriate food supply levels and solving the problems of the homeless. He announced that the government will assist 100,000 to […]

Chicago Cubs get another chance at making it to playoffs

Dominican Neifi Pérez’s ninth-inning home run gave the Chicago Cubs another chance at making into the Major League Playoffs. The Colorado team had incredibly bounced back from a seven-run deficit in Coors Field to beat the San Francisco Giants. Thus, the Cubs, despite a 4-3 loss will play tonight in Wrigley Field. Both teams are […]

Enron International sends help

Enron International sent an airplane with equipment to remove the tree trunks and branches that are delaying efforts of the Dominican Electricity Corporation in restoring power service throughout the DR. The CDE is using machetes to cut down branches and Enron sent several power saws. The Boeing 727 cargo jet also brought clothing, blankets, medicines, […]