PRD congress to back passing of more repressive drug laws

Hatuey de Camps, secretary general of the PRD, said that the Congress, which as of 16 August 1998 will be dominated by PRD congressmen, will back measures that seek to reinforce government efforts to combat drug consumption and trafficking. General Barry McCaffrey, director of the Office of National Drug Control Policy, a division of the […]

Major transformation of Santo Domingo's avenues

The local press has been giving front page coverage to the transformation of Santo Domingo’s principal avenues. In the meantime, Santo Domingo residents are suffering through the chaos of the expansion of several of the city’s key avenues. For instance, everyone’s life is affected by the underpasses that are being built under the 27 de […]

New reservoir to benefit farm production

President Leonel Fernández inaugurated the reservoir of the Monción Dam built at a cost of RD$510 million. The dam will provide water for irrigation and human consumption, as well as produce electricity. It will be able to irrigate 200,000 hectares in Santiago Rodríguez and Valverde provinces. Turbo generators can produce 52 megawatts of energy. Monción […]

Video conferencing with world universities

Dominican university students will be able to benefit from lectures in universities around the world. President Leonel Fernández announced that the World Bank will help the government install a system of video-conferencing in the principal Dominican universities. The President made the announcement while visiting the exhibitions at the First International Fair of Telecommunications, sponsored by […]