Caricom negotiations impasse

El Siglo reported that negotiations with the Caribbean Community that would lead to the signing of a free trade agreement with the Dominican Republic are stalled. Frederic Emam-Zadé, in charge of negotiations on behalf of the Dominican government, said that several of the islands demand preferential treatment. The Dominican Republic seeks trade reciprocity with the […]

New sports facility for Puerto Plata

President Leonel Fernández will inaugurate Puerto Plata’s brand new multi-use sports pavilion that is part of the Gregorio Luperón sports center. The RD$63.8 million pavilion with capacity for 5,000 seated sports fans is part of the complex that also includes a soccer field, and another indoors multi-use facility. Construction of the sports center was begun […]

PLD candidate to senator on his plans

Speaking at the luncheon of the American Chamber of Commerce, Franklyn Almeyda, candidate to senator for the Partido de la Liberación Dominicana (PLD) advocated for better congressional and civic society relations with the Presidency. He said a ten-year national plan is necessary, and that the base for this would be the conclusions of the Diálogo […]

Decentralization of the city government is a priority

Dr. Jose Francisco Peña Gomez, president of the Partido Revolucionario Dominicano and that party’s candidate to mayor for Santo Domingo, said that if he is elected mayor he will decentralize the government of the city. He said he would implement a similar program to which he carried out when mayor from 1982-1986. His priorities would […]

Dominican to conduct Pavarotti in benefit

Luciano Pavarotti has invited Dominican orchestra director José Antonio Molina to direct his benefit concert, "Friends of Pavarotti" that will take place 9 June in Italy. Spice Girls, Vanesa Williams, Stevie Wonder, Bon Jovi and Nathalie Cole, Celine Dion, Floral Pagny, Trisch Yeanwood and many other renown performers will participate in the event. Molina made […]

Suberví says trees won't be cut down on Winston Churchill

Mayor of Santo Domingo Rafael Suberví Bonilla said that he has been assured that the government does not have plans to eliminate the recently-built Boulevard de la Churchill. The director of the Oficina Coordinadora y Fiscalizadora de Obras del Estado said that President Fernández does not share the opinion of engineer Felix Bautista opinion that […]

Buying out the rickety vehicles

Owners of dilapidated carros publicos, buses, minibuses, microbuses have cut a deal with the government whereby these will gradually be removed from main city streets. The Oficina Metropolitana de Servicios de Autobuses (OMSA), the new government division that operates the large buses that are circulating on the new transport corridors on main thoroughfares is in […]

Megaport for Azua

President Leonel Fernández authorized the construction of the Puerto de Tortuguero Megaport, a free trade zone in the Bay of Ocoa, southern Azua province. Decree 150-98 creates the Puerto de Tortuguero with areas for light assembly manufacturing plants, service industries, warehousing, handling of merchandise. Inversur, S.A., is developing the project. The project will be built […]